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    工藝先進 品質可靠
    Advanced process, reliable quality.Be a leading brand in the Machinery and equipment
    Advanced technology and reliable quality
    • Bending hoop machine

    • Plate machine

    • Straightening machine

    Innovation of science and technology cooperation and win-win
    Flying Horse Machine Manufacturing of Putian City Fujian Province Co.,LTD is a company with long history of machine manufacturing, complete modern machine tool equipments and many certified and professional mechanical and machine manufacturing specialists. Our latest products are: Hoop bending machine,Hydraulic aligning cutting machine, Full CNC Hydraulic Straightening and Cutting Machine, Horizontal CNCaligning cutting machine, Steel bar cutting machine, Bar Ligament cutting machine, Dual positions hoops machine, Round wire drawing machine, Horizontal Drawing Machine, etc. Some of the machines have been patented. Our company insists on building our image on Living for quality and develop with innovation and creating the best products for customers as our management basis. With strong technical force and under supervision of national quality dept., we serve our customer and society at a reasonable price and with considerate and fast service.
    公司簡介 About Us
    • Hello: thank you have been to this company's support and love!
      Hello: thank you have been to this c...
      Hello: thank you have been to this c...
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